Mexican man dances with anti-immigration protesters, they have no idea how to react

This man decided there was only one way to react to hatred and xenophobia on the streets of Arizona: through the medium dance.

In footage uploaded to LiveLeak this week, a man can be seen gatecrashing an anti-immigration protest (we say protest, in reality there are about nine people on the side of the road) in Phoenix, waving a Mexican flag and cutting some serious shapes on the pavement.

He is at first confronted by one baseball cap wearing protester who berates him: "Are you a legal American citizen? You have no right what to be here whatsoever. NO!"

The man holding the camera then continues the pursuit of the peaceful intruder, calling him "Pablo" (we're not sure where he got that name from) before saying: "Listen why don't you do yourself a favour and go elsewhere."

The anti-immigration protesters were said to be out on a "Support Sheriff Joe" march - relating to the elected sheriff of Maricopa County - Joe Arpaio. The 81-year-old has been known to illegally detain Latino people and has been described as "America's most hated lawman".

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