Actor brings a kangaroo on stage, kangaroo punches him

Getty / YouTube

An actor has sparked outrage after aggravating a kangaroo so much that it punched him during one of his comedy shows.

Yeah, we're not sure how bringing a kangaroo to a comedy show seemed like a good idea either.

Mike Epps, best known for playing drug dealer 'Black Doug' in The Hangover, was accused of animal cruelty for bringing the animal out on stage on a leash at the Festival of Laughs.

In a video from the event, the actor can be seen aggravating the kangaroo alongside its handler, while it looks more irritated by the second.

And although the animal is clearly very uncomfortable, it soon gets its own back by punching him in the face.

In a misguided attempt to clear the air, he later released a video of himself feeding a banana to a different kangaroo, and captioned it:

Yeah what's the problem? Look how nice I am to him.

We're not sure that apology is going to cut it...

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