Mike Pence is being roasted for staying silent during Trump's White House spat with top Democrats

Sophia Ankel
Wednesday 12 December 2018 09:30

Twitter is hilariously roasting vice president Mike "pensive" Pence, after he silently sat through an awkward debate in an Oval Office meeting with president Trump.

What was meant to be a photo-op and a friendly preview of negotiations about the border wall between Democratic senators Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the president and Pence on Tuesday, quickly turned into an awkward heated shouting match, after Trump said he would be "proud" to shut down the government over funding disagreements for a border wall.

Meanwhile, Pence – who has previously endorsed the building of a wall – is the only person not participating, looking increasingly uncomfortable and stiff as the debate ensues. While he moves his head back and forth, staring blankly at each speaker, he does without so much as a word and only adjusts his jacket a couple of times.

Naturally, social media took notice and starting to mock him mercilessly.

Either Mike Pence was very tired, or he simply didn't want to be there, but either way, it made for a great meme.

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