Right-wing mothers group demands schools stop exposing kids to ‘sexy’ pictures of seahorses

Right-wing mothers group demands schools stop exposing kids to ‘sexy’ pictures of seahorses

A group is complaining about school children being exposed to pictures of seahorses because they are, apparently, too ‘sexy’.

“Moms for Liberty”, which was founded in 2020 is waging war in schools in Tennessee’s Williamson County and has compiled an 11-page spreadsheet with complaints about books on the district’s curriculum that they disagree with.

The letter, says the book about seahorses in question- Sea Horse: The Shyest Fish In The Sea - depicted “mating seahorses with pictures of postions [sic] and discussion of the male carrying the eggs.”

It is also against books about Greek and Roman mythology because of the “illustration of the goddess Venus naked coming out of the ocean and says a book about hurricanes is bad because the “1st grade is too young to hear about possible devastating effects of hurricanes”.

They are also against multiple books about Native Americans. One, The Rough-Face Girl, is deemed inappropriate because it includes an illustration of a character bathing “with her hair covering her chest.” And they are incised by the book First Nations of North America: Plains Indians because it “paints white people in a negative light.”

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School board member Eliot Mitchell told Reuters that Moms for Liberty’s complaint was “misguided,” and that teaching about racism in America’s past does not equate to teaching “that one particular race is intrinsically racist.”

But the group also believe school books about Martin Luther King are too “divisive”. Other targets include dragons, sad little owls, and hurricanes and they want schools to include more positive books about the Catholic church.

All in all, it seems like they should choose a different hill to die on.

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