Most Ukip voters don’t believe human rights exist... at all

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Monday 21 July 2014 12:50

A YouGov poll has suggested that almost half of Ukip voters do not believe human rights really exist.

The survey found that 46 per cent of voters for Nigel Farage's party do not believe particular rights should be given to all people at all times, compared to 41 per cent who do, while a further 13 per cent were undecided.

Similarly, only half of Conservative Party voters believe in the existence of human rights - rights afforded to someone simply by virtue of their humanity - compared to 68 per cent of Labour voters and 83 per cent of Liberal Democrat supporters.

The European Convention on Human Rights, which was influenced by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights drawn up after the atrocities of World War II, includes:

  • Prohibiting torture, and "inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment"

  • Prohibiting slavery, servitude and forced labour

  • Providing a detailed right to a fair trial

However, last week it was claimed that the Conservative Party plans to limit the powers of the European Court of Human Rights if it wins a majority in next year's general election.

YouGov also claim that a 'significant minority' of British voters believe the right to a fair trial and freedom from torture should not be protected for suspected terrorists.