Mother shares hilarious text exchange with daughter about going to buy sanitary pads

When you're young, going into a shop to buy certain products [read: athlete's foot cream, diarrhoea medication] can be a mortifying experience.

Buying sanitary products can be equally cringe-inducing.

So when Belinda Hankins asked her 13-year-old daughter Isabella to pop to the shops for sanitary pads, well, things became difficult…

Hankins' daughter looked everywhere for the sanitary pads - even by nappies in the baby area of the store...

The niche, 'joint braces' section was labelled. But the product which is used by half of the population every month? Not so much.

After briefly lamenting the sad state of affairs, mother and daughter Hankins went off on a tangent...the 'vaj mobile'

They had a brief, fiery discussion about patriarchy


And then 13-year-old Isabella drew a diagram and dropped all of the mics:

Picture: Belinda Hankins/Facebook/screengrab

The Facebook post has been 'liked' over 27,000 times and shared almost 40,000 times

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