Neo-Nazis try to hold rally in London, about five people turn up

This is what happens when you try to hold a neo-Nazi rally, protesting against something called the Jewification of London, in the UK capital:

About a handful of people turn up, wave the Confederate flag, and get completely and utterly drowned out by a counter-demonstration of anti-racists.

The right-wing extremists were forced to hold their rally at Richmond Terrace in Westminster after being told they couldn't in Golders Green in north London, where a large Jewish community lives.

Left-wing Jewish group Jewdas told the Jewish Chronicle:

These people don't just have crazy ideas, they have racist ideas. They hurt people, they beat up people. We stand against them.

Just as a reminder, this is the sort of numbers the Nazis could expect to attract back in the day.

But now it's this.

You go, London!

Main picture credit: Corbis

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