NHS workers are being evicted by landlords who fear they'll bring coronavirus back from hospitals

Health staff are on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus across the world.

But in extremely depressing news, it has emerged that doctors and paramedics are being asked to leave their homes by landlords who are worried they’ll bring the Covid-19 germs back from work. This is despite an eviction ban being in place by the UK government for three months.

A doctor living in Oxford who was kicked out of his rented accommodation has called on the public to support NHS workers.

Joseph Alsousou, 43, is a surgeon. He had been lodging at a house in Headington on weekdays since August, but last weekend was told to leave by his landlady, who said she was anxious he might bring Covid-19 into the home.

Alsousou told the Oxford Mailthat he was “almost in tears” at what had happened.

At time of crisis the worst and best in people come out. Kicking NHS workers out of their residence is not acceptable at time when the country needs to stand behind the NHS.

Measures need to be taken to stop this ever happening. On the other hand, most people have been very kind and supportive and I am sure they will continue to be so.

The surgeon said he was originally given 28 days' notice by his landlady by email last weekend. But then she changed her mind and wanted him out straight away. Understandably he didn't see himself staying in the house under these circumstances.

Thankfully, he’s now found somewhere else to stay and was refunded on some of his rent by his previous landlady, plus his deposit.

But he’s not alone.

Metro reported that paramedic Joseph Hoar’s landlady gave him just 12 hours over text to leave his accommodation – meaning his 12-hour night shift was made impossible.

He told his Twitter followers to tell of his predicament and how it meant “one less paramedic on the road”. His landlady had said she was “super nervous” about having him in the property.

However, in a later update, he said:

I now have accommodation from a fellow friend and colleague. My faith in humanity is restored.

Ian McKendrick, Communications officer for Oxfordshire UNISON Health branch told the Oxford Mailthat it was “appalling” how some health workers were being treated.

It is appalling some landlords and employers are being allowed to throw people out of work and their homes to protect their profits. The government must intervene to guarantee peoples homes and income, and put in place help lines that have the power to act to guarantee these things.

In such uncertain times, it seems that some people (landlords) would do well to remember who are the ones working round-the-clock to keep people safe.

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