Anna Soubry called out Nigel Farage on Question Time last night for claiming that a “WTO” no-deal Brexit is the only way to get out of the EU.

Farage has been dismissive of “soft Brexit” plans, which could involve a customs union or staying in the EU single market, calling them a “betrayal” of the referendum vote.

But that wasn’t what he used to say.

Although Farage criticises plans for a Norway-style Brexit, he used to explicitly praise Norway’s relationship with the EU as a good model for the UK.

Here's another video of him explicitly saying there would be “nothing to fear in terms of trade” from leaving the EU because we would be in the EEA – a soft Brexit option that is sometimes called “Norway-plus”.

And here’s a list of other times Farage has praised Norway’s relationship with the EU.

It’s convenient that he doesn’t seem to remember any of these moments now it suits him.

One of these is much more likely than the other…

It looks like Farage will say anything to get what he wants.

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