Nigel Farage owns himself after accusing MPs who spoke to the EU of 'collaboration with a foreign power'

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images/Twitter

Nigel Farage has taken to Twitter to complain about rebel MPs seeking advice from EU officials on a bill that opposes a no-deal Brexit.

The group, which include former Tory MPs who were thrown out of the party earlier this week, have reportedly sought assurances from the EU that the bill, which asks for a further three-month delay would be honoured.

It remains to be seen if their bid to further extend the Brexit process will come to fruition but news of their actions is said to have angered Tory Brexiteers as well as Farage.

On Saturday afternoon, the Brexit Party leader shared an article from The Guardian on the story and accused the MPs of 'collaboration with a foreign power.'

Farage clearly didn't do any thinking before tweeting this attempted takedown of the MPs as not only is the EU not exactly a 'foreign power' but he is currently earning a living from the EU, so is he one of the 'foreign powers?'

Needless to say, people were more than happy to mock the former UKIP leader for this glaring error and also pointing out that he and others have collaborated with foreign powers.

There was also the time that Brexiteer MP Daniel Kawczynski, attempted to reach out to Poland to see if their government would consider vetoing an extension to Article 50.

Like, come on Nigel, it's literally your job.

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