Nigel Farage's past quotes come back to haunt him after he attacks 'radicalised' remainers

Nigel Farage's past quotes come back to haunt him after he attacks 'radicalised' remainers

On Monday, Nigel Farage became the latest British right-wing politician to find himself covered in a milkshake, continuing the trend that has seen both Tommy Robinson and Carl Benjamin hit with the beverage.

The incident occurred while Farage was campaigning for the Brexit Party in Newcastle ahead of this week's European elections. Farage was quickly led away by his security and 32-year-old Paul Crowther was arrested for throwing the £5.25 Five Guys banana and salted caramel milkshake at the former UKIP leader.

Farage would later refuse to get off the Brexit Party 'battle bus' in Wakefield claiming that he would be 'mobbed within 30 seconds.'

In response to the incident, Farage claimed that some remainers had become 'radicalised' and that 'normal campaigning is becoming impossible.'

However, his response to the incident has generated a lot of discussions. Due to the rhetoric that Farage has spouted over the years, people began to lament him as a hypocrite and shared old statements that were potentially more dangerous than having a milkshake thrown at you.

The name of Jo Cox, the Labour politician who was murdered by a member of her constituency in the run up to the 2016 EU referendum, a subject that Farage was silent about, was also mentioned.

Although many were quick to criticise Farage for this statement, many were still divided over whether throwing milkshakes at politicians is actually an effective form of protest.

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