Nigel Farage explains why he now agrees with Jeremy Corbyn

Nigel Farage explains why he now agrees with Jeremy Corbyn

Who would have thought that Nigel Farage, MEP / pundit turned Ukip leader turned Brexit Party leader, isn't that loyal after all...

After years of a mutually agreeable relationship with Boris Johnson, in which they were joined by a mutual desire for political relevance, he has now changed his tune.

Farage was arguably instrumental in Johnson's win in the December general election with a number of Brexit Party candidates deciding against contesting key seats, allowing the Tories an easy win with Brexiteer votes.

Yet now he's decided that actually maybe it was Jeremy Corbyn who was right all along.

In a piece for the Express, Farage suggested he was unhappy with how the prime minister has dealt with Brexit since getting into power:

Where has the optimism gone? Where is the spirit of 'Get Brexit Done', the mantra that was repeated with such conviction by the Conservatives that it carried them to a general election victory 12 weeks ago?

He also suggested that Johnson wasn't pulling his weight as prime minister and agreed with Corbyn's claim to this effect:

Jeremy Corbyn's parting shot to UK politics is his accusation that Boris Johnson is a 'part time prime minister' I'm sorry to say this is not unjustified. Britain is crying out for strong leadership, especially after Theresa May's dismal stint in Number 10. Johnson needs to step up a gear.

He echoed the public's view criticising the prime minister's (essentially nonexistent) response to the recent flooding.

Johnson did not make his first major press appearance until Monday. And while it was right that he was flanked by the chief medical officer and the chief scientific officer, it was clear his knowledge is limited.

Perhaps, just this once, Farage has a point...

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