YouTuber and beauty influencer Nikita Dragun sparked backlash on Sunday after she asked “what race” she should be that day.

The makeup artist appeared to be making a joke in a now-deleted tweet that asked:

what race is nikita gonna be today ?

Almost immediately, people started calling her out for her “careless” tweet.

Some people accused Dragun of “blackfishing” – a play on the word “catfishing”, to mean people who edit their photos to appear darker. It’s essentially a form of cultural appropriation and people weren’t happy:

The backlash prompted Dragun to delete the tweet and issue a clarification:

She also tweeted:

And when called out over a photoshoot where her skin colour looks considerably darkerned, she responded:

But people still happy about the alleged “blackfishing”:

Dragun has previously faced backlash for wearing a dreadlock wig in 2018 and also braids in 2019 – both hairstyles originating from the Black community.

She was also previously called out for now-deleted resurfaced tweets where she said “Imagine being black? I could never” and “When you're so tan you look black”.

indy100 reached out to Nikita Dragun for comment.

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