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Debate continue to rage about the future of Britain and the European Union.

indy100 thought it would be prudent to compile a list of EU-membership benefits that stand to be lost should a British exit become a reality -just in case you were having trouble deciding how to vote.

1. Chicken shops.

The National Farmers' Union warns that a Brexit would hike up food prices.

With a chicken shop in every corner of every street in every city in the UK, we can't afford a price hike.

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2. Foreign sportspeople.

Footballers like West Ham United's Angelo Ogbonna (who is Italian) are here as a result of an EU benefit clause called The Free Movement of Workers which allows EU passport holders to work in a variety of countries without the need for pesky visas.

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3. Eurotrips.

How will you be able to take that quintessential throwback to your youth trip around Europe with nothing but the wind in your hair, a ratty backpack and a train, if leaving the EU will mean you have to apply for a visa everywhere you go?

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4. Cheap cars.

One fifth of Germany's vehicle export comes to the UK, and if Britain leaves the EU car prices may rise to house-owning proportions. The smug millennial "at least I have a car" response to a homeowner will no longer be applicable.

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5. Delusions of grandeur

The days of the Empire are over and the only way Britain can have rertain any relevance in the modern world is to be part of Europe. If we leave, all we'll be, as Emma Thompson so eloquently put it, is:

a cake-filled misery-laden grey old island.

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6. Actual uncontrolled immigration

Without the strong, safe arms of the EU and the Dublin Regulation, which means asylum seekers and refugees have to claim asylum in the first EU country they set foot in, the slum-like camps like those in Calais could very easily be on the UK's shores.

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7. Wine.

The cost of that bottle of fancy French or Italian wine you’re about to buy to impress your Tinder date will be much, much more expensive.

And a pint of lager just doesn’t have that same air of sophistication now does it?

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8. YouTube adverts.

You're watching Shark Week when all of a sudden the sixth PPI claims advert in the space of twenty minutes has popped up on your screen.


While staying in the EU may not have much control over that, the EU is just about the only international body that stands up to multinational corporations who might otherwise take advantage of wee little Britain.

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9. To be able to afford an actual, grown up house

There is still a minuscule chance that millennials will be able to afford to buy a house. If we leave the EU, wave goodbye to any chance of that; George Osborne reckons mortgage rates will rocket.

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