Passenger 'tries to strangle air steward on flight from hell'
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Think you've been on the flight from hell? Think again.

An airline passenger reportedly hit a fellow traveller and tried to strangle an air steward on an S7 flight in Russia.

Local media report the unidentified man undid his seatbelt and began to walk along the cabin, ignoring warnings from senior cabin crew to return to his seat 20 minutes before landing.

A witness stood Lenta.RU that a shirtless man became abusive on the four-hour flight from St Petersburg to Novosibirsk:

He hit one guy then sat near a girl, took her to the hair and then swore.

The reports come shortly after another "flight from hell", where a child was filmed repeatedly screaming on an eight-hour plane from Germany to New York.

A passenger was quoted as saying:

He was climbing all over the chairs, he was just screaming, would not let up, he was running up and down the aisles.

S7 has been contacted for comment.

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