Pearl Davis left speechless after being grilled by Piers Morgan over 'antisemitic' song

Pearl Davis left speechless after being grilled by Piers Morgan over 'antisemitic' song
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Pearl Davis is the latest right-wing grifter to make headlines for her outrageous comments that range from anti-feminism to antisemitism. Her controversial views have led her to landing on to a range of media platforms, including Piers Morgan's Talk TV show.

Davis has appeared on the show a couple of times, facing minimal backlash from Morgan, who is outspoken on certain issues himself, but her recent appearance seemed to leave her stunned after Morgan forcefully criticised her blatant antisemitism.

This time, Davis had appeared on the show after facing backlash for a song she uploaded to YouTube titled 'why can't we talk about the Jews?' Which she dedicated to Nick Fuentes, another individual in the right-wing scene who earlier this year was seen at dinner with Kanye West and former President Donald Trump. The video has since been deleted.

Lyrics in the song included: "Now I'm not saying Hitler was a good guy, but I just wanna know why", and "now there's all these conspiracy theories, and the more they talk, I think maybe they're right."

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Davis appeared alongside Brooke Goldstein, the founder of 'End Jew Hatred'.

"Now Pearl, you've come on the show a couple of times," Morgan begins the segment, "and we've had some spirited debates about feminism and stuff like that and I thought you'd made some good points and its got lots of traction."

But the praise quickly ends there, with Morgan going on to say, "then I wake up the other day and I see this thing that's trending involving you doing this song, and I couldn't really believe what I was watching."

Davis lets out a light laugh to which Morgan quickly asks "do you find this funny?" Davis simply says "huh?" before Morgan repeats his question, adding "you deleted it, you obviously thought you shouldn't have posted it. Why did you do that?"

"The point was more about cancel culture and people getting kicked off of social media," Davis eventually replied. "It was more about you can't talk about this topic without being cancelled by the left. I don't really have a strong opinion either way, it's kinda just like tongue in cheek."

She denied that the video was dedicated to Fuentes, and actually said she was "thinking of Ye" referring to rapper Kanye West. Davis then went on to reiterate that the song was merely about cancel culture saying, "I think it should be illegal to ban anyone off of social media unless they are inciting violence."

When Morgan pushed her to answer if that included Holocaust denial, she said "if they wanna talk about that, as long as they're not inciting violence."

Morgan then switched to Goldstein, asking for her views on Pearl's song. Goldstein started by saying "she's complaining about being cancelled and yet she's on your platform, she has millions of viewers on the internet and social media and she's complaining about being cancelled."

"This clickbait, this type of racial incitement is profitable on the internet." She then added, "I'm sitting here listening to Pearl and I don't know if she's just playing stupid or she's actually quite intelligent and knows that what she's doing is so sensational that it's going to make her a lot of money."

"Pearl will disappear, she will disappear like many others before her because this is something that's just a moment in time," Goldstein added.

The show then cut back to Morgan saying that he was "agog, that even now you don't seem to really grasp why singing that and releasing it to millions of people is incredibly offensive to Jewish people."

After her appearance on the show, Davis seems rather upset with Morgan after being called out for her behaviour, who has been tweeting about the debate since it occurred on July 27. She has repeatedly claimed she was censored by Morgan and his team:

She wrote: "Piers Morgan's producer told it was a pro free speech debate. They set up their guests & lied to me about who I was debating till right before & falsely defamed me as anti-semetic.

"I’m not anti-Semitic, but I believe in the right to have all conversational online no matter how offensive. Why does @piersmorgan believe in censorship with a platform called “uncensored”

It seems unlikely that Davis will be making another appearance on Morgan's show anytime soon.

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