People are going wild over this mum giving 'the talk' to her daughter

Picture: @TrulySparkling_/Twitter
Picture: @TrulySparkling_/Twitter

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time Charlene has pretended to have sex with a lemon.

The Maryland mum once gave her 18-year-old daughter, Jasmyne, some 'sex education' using a lemon and a cucumber.

Last week, Charlene recreated it with a knife. She was teaching her niece Zee, 15, all about the birds and the bees. And thankfully, Jasmyn thought to record it all.

She records quite a lot of fun things with her mum, actually. Here they are being awesome:


Charlene's analogy is quite something. She tells a story of a girl (lemon) and boy (knife) going off to the cinema, then going back to his car for some fun.

Everything starts off okay - there's just some kissing to begin with. But then things get a little fruity...


So remember, kids:

Boys lie.

Do not have sex.

To be fair, Charlene's intentions are good. And there's some truth to it. Method to her madness, maybe.

But still...

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