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BBC Scotland

It's been a tough couple of days for Brian.

Reporter Brian Taylor was covering local election results in Scotland on Thursday night when everything got a little too much.

The respected BBC Scotland political editor was discussing East Lothian's results with some colourful graphics when technology failed him.

Brian just couldn't cope anymore when his screen went blank. He walked off in a rage, shaking his paper as he exited the shot.

To be fair to Brian, it happened quite late at night on Thursday evening. And reporting on moving political stories can be stressful.

Still, the clip of him striding off is quite amusing.

"Okay. There seems to be a problem with this," said a flustered Brian.

Craig Smith was on Twitter documenting Brian's upsetting time...

And soon Brian was the subject of meme-worthy bants. Technology. So stressful.

Brian put his tantrum to bed, however, and returned to the fray to continue his sterling work of covering Scotland's election results.

He was soon forgiven for his premature, if temporary departure.

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