People can't stop laughing at this little girl's reaction to her sister's period

Picture: meeiatolentino/ Twitter
Picture: meeiatolentino/ Twitter

Getting your period is a traumatic affair.

It's worse when your three-year-old sister accidentally witnesses it.

That's exactly what happened to 16-year-old Meeiah Tolentino, when her little sister Rain walked in on her while she was on the toilet.

Tolentino shared her sister's reaction on Twitter:

Her baby sister thought she was dying you see.

Rain had only been in the toilet a few moments before her cousin had pulled her out, but it was long enough for the trauma.

Some women empathised with her

And told her how cute Rain was

But most people were crying with laughter

While Rain had probably got one of the scariest lessons of her young life, she quickly bounced back to her "happy" self. Tolentino told BuzzFeed:

Two minutes after the video she totally forgot what happened and went [back] to her normal, happy, self.

Moral of the story? Shut the door when you're using the loo.

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