Watching Peppa Pig could make children behave badly, expert says

While it appears an innocuous cartoon about a family of pigs, watching Peppa Pig could make children behave badly apparently .

In an interview with Fabulous, parenting and behavioural consultant Sophie Giles warned parents about TV shows that could be a bad influence on children, and said Peppa Pig was one to watch out for.

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She said: “It is interesting how incredibly patronising [the way Daddy Pig is spoken to] can be in the English version, how the characters stress that dialogue and how the director allowed that to happen.

“It can really skew what your child comes away with – and you know, kids love it!”

Elsewhere in the interview, Giles said parents should watch shows themselves before letting their children. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Giles also said that popular shows Paw Patrol, Bluey, Fireman Sam and Little Princess could negatively impact children.

Wait until she watches Squid Games...

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