Ricky Wilson isn’t a Pfizer Chief and we are shocked

Ricky Wilson isn’t a Pfizer Chief and we are shocked

It’s fair to say that the coronavirus pandemic leaves us with many unanswered questions: when will we be able to go to festivals again? Will lockdown restrictions ease next month?

Is Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson a Pfizer Chief or not?

A clear reference to Wilson’s indie rock band, the pun is reserved for those who have been jabbed with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. (No pithy wordplays are yet available for those who have had a dose of Moderna or AstraZeneca – sorry.)

Even Wilson himself bought into the gag back in January, when fellow musician Tim Burgess of The Charlatans called for more support for the live music industry.

“We can recruit The Cure and The Vaccines – maybe ask The Killers to opt out,” he tweeted.

The ‘Ruby’ singer chipped in: “Pfizer Chiefs?”

As the vaccine rollout continued, it wasn’t long before Wilson got the call to come forward and receive his jab.

In April, he took to social media and wrote: “Guess what? That’s right. I’ve had my jab.”

He isn’t the only one, either. Many people have shared photos of their little blue cards after being pricked, with scores proudly declaring that they had become honorary members of the Pfizer Chiefs:

However, while Wilson confirmed that he’d had the jab, he didn’t publicly reveal which option he received, and whether he is a true Pfizer Chief after all. (Just think of the marketing opportunities…)

So, in the interests of proper journalism, indy100  contacted his agent for comment.

“Although I am in the Kaiser Chiefs, and the Pfizer Chiefs would seem to be my top team pick… I think my musical colleagues in The Cure, The Vaccines, and The Coronas, would agree that taking the Moderna Way and getting the jab in whatever form the NHS see fit is something we can all agree on,” Wilson replied in an email.

And while we 100 per cent support getting whatever jab is available to you, learning that the star is actually Team Moderna has, undoubtedly, thrown us.

I predict a riot...

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