Presenting the hardest general knowledge quiz known to man

Presenting the hardest general knowledge quiz known to man

Last weekend brain boxes from all around the world competed in the World Quizzing Championships to test their mettle in the global arena.

Events were held simultaneously at 118 venues in 38 different countries to determine the ultimate general knowledge fiend.

The quiz is notoriously difficult - both to answer and to create. A crack team of quizzing experts wrote 1,500 questions, out of which only around 200 were selected by a panel of judges. The whole process takes around nine months.

This year the quiz was translated into 12 different languages, including Finnish and Croatian.

“It’s a tough task to make a quiz that’s equally fair to participants around the world,” Jane Allen of the World Quizzing Association told

“Happily, we have 12 nations represented in the top 20 this year, so that’s a good indication that we’ve got it about right.”

The 2015 champion was the UK’s Olav Bjortomt with a score of 161 out of a possible 210 - he also won the very first World Quizzing Championships back in 2003.

Think you could give Olav a run for his money? We’ve put together 10 questions from this year’s quiz for you to scratch your head over below:

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