This brutal Venn diagram tells you everything you need to know about Trump's failures
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A Venn diagram has gone viral on Twitter for perfectly summing up Trump’s time as president.
The diagram shows three circles.
One circle shows presidents who have won their election but lost the popular vote. You might recognise George W. Bush, who received fewer votes than his rival Al Gore but still won the presidency.
Then, there’s a circle for presidents who have been impeached or resigned. Nixon and Clinton are, of course, two of the well-known faces there.
The final circle represents one-term presidents. George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter are in there.
Then, there’s the overlap of all three.
President Trump is, of course, set to be the only president to fulfil all three criteria.

He was impeached last year, lost the popular vote in both elections and is set to serve only one term.

People thought the Venn diagram was perfection.
Suddenly everybody loves maths.
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