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QAnon, the far-right extremist conspiracy theorist group, has made up another insane theory, this time about Covid and Ukraine and it all has to do with the way former President Donald Trump says 'China'.

The theory began as an extension to the wider-known conspiracy that the US has bio-labs in Ukraine. Running with that idea, QAnon supporters believe that Trump hinted that Covid-19 was manufactured in Ukraine because Trump's pronunciation of 'China' looks similar to a city in Ukraine.

The QAnon theorist who started the rumor says they discovered a city called 'Chy-na' in Ukraine and they believe Trump was trying to tell people all along that Ukraine started the virus, not the country China.

The idea circulated around the messenger app, Telegram, where other conspiracy theorists attempted to 'prove' the theory.

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The 'proof' theorists offer is that "chyna" translates to "price" when using Google Translate which is semi-tied to Trump's statement from earlier in the pandemic that China "will pay a big price".

However, the entire theory was quickly debunked, starting with - there is no city in Ukraine called 'chy-na'.

The city the theorists are actually thinking of is "Шпильчина" which poorly translate to "Shpyl’chyna" on Google Maps. But this version of "chyna" does not translate to the same pronunciation as the English way.

Additionally, the Google Translation of "chyna" to "price" is not exact, chyna means several different things in Ukrainian including "value", "worth", and "quotation."

But debunking an entire theory with logic has not stopped QAnon theorists before and likely won't stop them again.

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