Racist thrown off New York subway and covered in hot soup

Racist thrown off New York subway and covered in hot soup

The rapper Princess Nokia has claimed to be the woman who threw soup at a racist on a subway train in New York City.

Earlier this week a video circulated online of a man on a train shouting and abusing a group of passengers with racial insults

The man is seen to be shouting the n-word, before being forcibly removed from the train and then having a container of soup and a glass bottle thrown at him.

The man, who is drinking beer, claimed to be a lawyer and a graduate of New York University.

The video has been shared on several major news sites and Princess Nokia has now stepped forward as an individual who appeared in the video.

Nokia, whose real name is Destiny Frasqueri, told her account of the incident on Twitter and explained why she acted in the manner she did.

We should warn you, she uses the n-word.

Joshua R. Pyne who shot the video told Gothamist:

This guy starts caterwauling about his 1st Amendment rights and whatnot. The guy didn't seem to be falling-down drunk, but was ...clearly belligerent.

After Bedford [ Avenue Station], the woman [who first called him out] kind of broke down.

She and the larger gentlemen in black embraced and there was a good sense that social justice had been served.

We, the handful of folks that had witnessed the entire thing from the start, wished the guy well and hoped he'd have a better weekend, as the woman got off at Lorimer, and was gone before things settled.

The whole thing happened really fast.

Although a police officer was reportedly at the station when the man was ejected, NYPD have confirmed that there are no records of anyone of that description being arrested at that location on said date.

HT Newshub, Gothamist

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