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Americans seem to be more positive towards religious people than they were a few years ago, even in the wake of a divisive election year.

You'd think in an election year where a 'Muslim ban' was a campaign pledge, and a travel ban concerning seven Muslim-majority countries was implemented by the sitting President, that the American public would have become more split over religious groups.

It turns out quite the opposite - in recent years both Republicans and Democrats have started to feel warmer towards people of all religious groups.

This is true regardless of party

Interestingly, younger age groups have less variance of opinion among people of different religious groups.

In addition, education had an affect on ratings - Americans with college degrees gave warmer ratings to most groups compared to those with less education.

Religious groups also tended to rate their own group most affectionately, unsurprisingly.

For the most part, Christians – including Protestants and Catholics – rate other Christians more warmly.

Meanwhile, Atheists and evangelical Christians rate each other poorly.

Knowing someone of a particular religious group was also associated with warmer feelings for that group.

HT Pew Research Center

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