Republican Party rant about the importance of education massively backfired

Harriet Brewis
Monday 22 March 2021 09:02

The irony of there being a typo in a tweet about education wasn’t lost on Twitter users


If you’re going to tweet about the importance of education, make sure you check through your work.

This was a lesson learnt by the Republican Party as it called for the urgent reopening of America’s schools.

The party’s national committee posted an impassioned message on Sunday, reading: “Keeping schools closed has DEVESTATING effects on the mental health, social and economic situation, and academic achievement of America’s children.”

That’s right: “devestating”.

Although the official GOP Twitter eventually deleted the post containing the embarrassing misspelling, other users had already pounced.

Alongside screen grabs of the tweet, they were unforgiving in their assessment of the ironic typo.

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Here’s what they had to say:

We’re pretty sure the GOP won’t forget to use spell check again in a hurry.