You can get the ultimate home-cooked meal from this restaurant run by grandmas

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Eating out is nice and all, but we know for certain that the best meals are home-cooked with the family. These dishes are refined through generations, passed down lovingly and always have the greatest memories attached to them.

The best chefs responsible for these stellar family meals, are grandmas.

We know this, you know this and so does this amazing restaurant - they've hired grandmas from around the world to prepare their meals with the skills that only nanna can wield.

The Italian eatery. Enoteca Maria, showcases the talents of a different “featured nonna” every day.

Its owner Jody Scaravella was influenced by his own grandmother, who he says was head of his household when he was growing up, and passed down her culinary traditions.

She inspired him to invite grandmothers from different countries around the world to cook in the restaurant in New York.

He writes on the restaurant’s website:

I remember her going to the market everyday bringing her shopping cart. She stopped at the vegetable shops and bit a peach or tasted a cherry, and if it [was] good she bought them otherwise she spit it on the ground with a disgusted expression on her face. I was amazed that nobody ever complained about it but after all everybody there knew her…

Here are just a few of the grans:

And here they are in action:

Scaravella told indy100:

You can imagine, these ladies come in, they're non professional, they know how to cook but they've never worked in a restaurant before. Changing the kitchen from one culture to another every day - it's a logistical nightmare. 

It's such a scary time, with all this racism and people being marginalised. I feel really good about what we're doing. We're helping to pull back that veil and reveal who people really are. 

He adds that he's been introduced to new dishes he's never heard of before every day.

Scarvella is also "courting" a woman from England, who wants to come in and make Yorkshire puddings. Sounds amazing.

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