Revealed: The happiest place to live in Britain (until the next survey)

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Why slum it down South when Harrogate delivers Georgian grandeur and the delights of Betty’s Tea Rooms? The Yorkshire spa town has topped a nationwide poll as the happiest place to live in Britain for the second year running.

Harrogate claimed the top spot in the Rightmove Happy at Home index, compiled from 50,000 respondents, finishing ahead of Inverness.

Neighbourliness, recreational pursuits and safety were cited as important factors helping Harrogate residents enjoy a sense of wellbeing.

For all of their hipster hangouts, Hackney and Hoxton do not offer the same quality of life as Harrogate. East London topped the “worst place to live” poll, ahead of Ilford.

The happiest...

  1. Harrogate

  2. Inverness

  3. Taunton

  4. Stockport

  5. Falkirk

  6. Norwich

  7. Hull

  8. Preston

  9. Truro

  10. Telford

And the least happy...

  1. East London

  2. Ilford

  3. Croydon

  4. East central London

  5. Twickenham

  6. Enfield

  7. North London

  8. Harrow

  9. South-east London

  10. West London

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