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It was announced on Monday 4 September 2017, that Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, her husband, are expecting their third child.

People thought, at first, thought that Prince William had planned an elaborate ruse to go to the Fifa World Cup in Russia.

It's probably not the case, sadly.

As with any royal announcement, there were mixed reactions:

Regardless, the child will become the fifth in line to the throne, and, thanks to legislation passed in 2013 and finally effected in 2015, they will be the first newborn Royal for whom that fact isn't determined by their sex.

Previously, daughters could only inherit the crown if there were no living sons.

Thanks to the Succession to the Crown Act of 2013, (which only came into effect in 2015 because all the Commonwealth states had to agree to it), it doesn't matter whether the new kid is a baby boy or a girl - it will still be placed behind both George and Charlotte in the line of succession.

In addition, Royals can now marry Catholics. However, Catholics still cannot become the King or Queen.

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