Russell Brand just gave his thoughts on Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new song “WAP” and people aren’t impressed.

As a little background, the two female music artists released the song earlier this month, which explicitly references owning their sexuality. They rap about wanting to “gag” and “choke” on a “king cobra” – among other low key iconic references to sex.

The song caused backlash among conservative commentators, like DeAnna Lorraine, who called it “vile” and it’s “completely wrong” to say that it empowers women.

And now Russell Brand has thrown his two cents into the mix as well.

Essentially, the English comedian’s main point is that men have been using overly explicit and often degrading language in songs about women for years. So if women try to emulate the template that was originally established by men, it’s not actually empowering.

But people – including a lot of women, who didn’t quite feel like a mansplaining lecture about feminism – weren’t having any of it:

But then came the comparison to former British PM, Margaret Thatcher.

In the 17:20 minute long video, he said:

Was Margaret Thather a feminist icon? No, because the values that she extolled, espoused and conveyed were male values.

She was a woman-man. She was a very, very, very powerful person, a brilliant politician but her premiership did not lead to more opportunity for women, more success for women, conventional female values, such as nurture, caringness, equality.

People couldn’t believe the comparison:

Well, OK then...

Watch the full video:

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