Russian actor calls daughter a traitor for daring to criticise Putin

Russian actor calls daughter a traitor for daring to criticise Putin
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With Russian disinformation about the war rife across the country, some in the country have been convinced by the Kremlin that the war and violence in Ukraine is justified.

Under Vladimir Putin’s orders, the Russian military invaded the country on 24 February and have sine murdered hundreds of Ukrainian troops and civilians across the sovereign country.

As part of its propaganda, Russia has continued to call the war a “special military operation” but not all Russians have been duped by the lies.

Now, it seems the differing views held between family members are causing tensions to show as famous Russian actor, Vladimir Mashkov, accused his own daughter of betrayal for not supporting Putin.

Speaking at a “pro-war rally”, Mashkov, who has starred in films with Owen Wilson and Tom Cruise, spoke in favour of the war in Ukraine.

In a tweet, Moscow Bureau Chief at the Financial Times said: “Russian actor Vladimir Mashkov, who spoke at Putin's pro-war rally last week, called his own daughter a traitor after she criticized the invasion of Ukraine.”

Speaking to CNN, Mashkov’s daughter, actress Masha Mashkova, revealed that in a private phone call her father urged her to come back to Russia from her home in America.

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Mashkova began the interview, saying: “It's just unthinkable and surreal. And the fact that so many Russian people, including my dad, believe that this violence is somehow justified, it breaks my heart.”

She continued, explaining she and her father live in a “different reality” and opened up about her communication with her dad.

The actress said: “I talked on the phone with my dad yesterday … he asked me to come back to Russia immediately, to take my daughters with me, to be a good Russian, to ask for forgiveness for betrayal, and to be with Russian people, with my people, to help fight Ukrainian Nazis.”

Mashkova said she loves her father and grandmother, who also “believes Putin’s version of reality”, but said she’s “not sure” if she could ever return to Russia.

She has been described as “brave” and compared with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Zelensky who have both spoken out against the Kremlin's propaganda.

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