Poll finds 83 per cent of Russian fear nuclear war with US

Poll finds 83 per cent of Russian fear nuclear war with US
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As the war in Ukraine continues, the West’s already strained relationship with Russia has grown even tenser.

So much so that a poll found that more than 4 in 5 Russian people fear a nuclear war with the US is coming.

The survey was published by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the last independent polling company in Russia, Levada Center.

Researchers found there was a clear distaste among both the American and Russian public for one another and their respective leaders, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin,

They also found that geopolitical allies were viewed more favourably in the eyes of the public, too. Russians viewed Belarus and China positively. While for the United States, the UK, France and Poland were highly favoured.

One thing the surveyed public from both nations could agree on was the fear of a nuclear war between Russia and the US.

83% of Russians surveyed consider nuclear war with the US as a critical threat, with 69% of Americans also thinking this.

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During the war, Putin has pointed to Russia’s nuclear arsenal as a threat to other nations who may get involved in the conflict.

Putin said, “no matter who tries to stand in our way” they will face consequences that “you have never seen in your entire history”, which was widely viewed as a nuclear threat.

Along with fears of a nuclear exchange, 58% of Russians were concerned that the growth of the US military growth posed a critical threat.

Americans thought similarly of Russian forces, with 54% viewing its growth as a threat.

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