Ryanair hilariously trolls Eric Trump with brutal election tweet
Drew Angerer / PAU BARRENA / Getty Images

The White House's private jets and other luxuries may not be available to the Trump family for much longer.

But they needn't worry, because (aside from their vast private fortunes), they'll always have budget options – like Ryanair.

The airline reached out to Eric Trump via Twitter to kindly offer him European flights for under €10 whenever he's in the area.

This isn't Ryanair's first hilariously savage tweet directed at the Trumps.

For instance, they joked about the bizarre and unfounded conspiracy theory that Melania Trump has a body double.

And compared Trump's dancing to dad dancing in 'MAGAluf'.

In fact, they've been all over the Trump memes.

The election results have provided days' worth of fodder.

And taken a swipe at Kanye West, too.

Whoever's running Ryanair's social media campaign is having as much fun as possible with the election coverage.

Or maybe they're just trying to find ways justify obsessively watching it while they're at work.

We can't say we blame them.

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