Sacha Baron Cohen brings back Borat to canvass for 'racist' Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sacha Baron Cohen brings back Borat to canvass for 'racist' Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live's election special, Sacha Baron Cohen brought Borat back to canvass for Trump in the midterms, and it was epic.

On election night, the Kazakh sensation was resurrected by the British comedian, and sent out on the streets of a wealthy neighbourhood in Los Angeles an in attempt to drum up support for Trump in the midterms.

Opening the segment, he began:

Russia interfere with the presidential election.

But now, all eyes are on them. So, it’s up to Kazakhstan to swing the midterms for premier Trump. I come to California to do election tampering.

And, as you can probably predict, that's exactly what he did.

At the first door he stopped at, he said:

We hear these nasty fake news people say that the Donald Trump is bad to immigrant children, we hear that he keep the Mexican children in cages, is true?

The woman then defends the 'children in cages', which she says was somewhere to 'keep them safe temporarily', Borat responds:

A cage for them is a nicest place they ever been.

Speaking to another Trump supporter after knocking on his front door, he asked them who the 'fake news' are that call Trump is 'not a racist'. In response, the man replies:

In my opinion, the fake news people say he is a racist and I don’t believe he is and I don’t see any evidence of that.

To which, Borat responds:

But what is the problem being a racist? I am a racist, it is nice.


He then says that '72 per cent of Jew' vote for the Democrats, which is, in his opinion, a 'problem'. He comes up with a plan to stop them from voting, with, yes, you guessed it, bacon.

You shall not pass!

Unsurprisingly, it isn't successful.

After a final discussion about Melania Trump's erm... 'pubis', he finally sends us back to the studio with a jaunty:

That is enough election tampering for one day.

Back to you now, Jimmy, you liberal elitist Hollywood-bubble globalist Jew mouthpiece.

He also posted a 'voting selfie' to his Instagram account, which showed him holding up an ID that definitely doesn't belong to him.

Oh Borat, how we've missed you!

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