One of these men has taken a pay cut in solidarity with workers and the other hasn't

The coronavirus crisis has wreaked havoc on payslips and incomes across the UK and the world.

Many people are struggling and millions of Britons sit on the government’s furlough scheme, anxiously anticipating what the economy will look like on the other side. It's a horrible time for everyone.

This is why some world leaders, including Jacinda Ardern, have decided to take a pay cut in solidarity with their workforce while their countries get back on their feet.

Sadiq Khan announced that he would be following suit by cutting his salary by 10 per cent. The salary for the London Mayor is currently £152,000, so that’s a £15,000 reduction. Khan also cut the pay of 15 of his direct political appointments.

But so far Boris Johnson hasn’t announced that he’ll do the same.

And it’s not gone down too well with people.

In polling commissioned by the MailOnline, 75 per cent of Brits believe the prime minister should follow Khan’s example and cut his pay and the salary of senior ministers by 10 per cent.

Just 13 per cent said the prime minister should not follow suit and 11 per cent had no view on the matter. Either way, the world is braced for the worst recessions in history as lockdown continues to ease, so surely the gesture would be well received.

When contacted by the New European, Downing Street wouldn't comment on whether Johnson would be taking a pay cut. We'll keep you updated if he decides to change his mind, and given how many U-turns there have been recently, we wouldn't be surprised.

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