Sean Lock fans are campaigning for his ‘Tiger Who Came For A Pint’ parody to be published

Sean Lock fans are campaigning for his ‘Tiger Who Came For A Pint’ parody to be published

Sean Lock fans are campaigning for the comedian’s parody book ‘The Tiger Who Came For A Pint’ to be published in the wake of his death.

The book is a comedic take on children’s classic ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’by Judith Kerr and was showcased by Lock during one of his many stints on the Channel 4 programme ‘8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown’.

At the beginning of each show, team captains would reveal their random lucky mascots, which for Lock was his own satirical book.

Proudly revealing the front cover – featuring a tiger smoking a cigarette in front of a pint of beer and an open bag of crisps – the beloved comedian described how the story included two of his favourite things: “Tigers and alcohol.”

Treating viewers to a taster, he read out the opening line: “There was once a tiger who fancied a pint – not Carling, of course, that was too weak and too gassy. He wanted a pint that packs a punch, like Stella or Kronenbourg.

“The tiger was thirsty and needed something to wash down the zookeeper he’d just eaten. He liked the atmosphere of Wetherspoon’s, plus he was barred from The King’s Head for mauling the darts team.”

With all the boozing, the tiger ends up getting so drunk that he urinates on the bar and gets into difficulty finding a taxi back to the zoo since they won’t accept tigers in the backseat.

Fans of the late comedian have taken to Twitter to campaign for Lock’s book to be published, with the proceeds going towards Cancer Research, and to his loved-ones.

On August 18, it was announced that Lock had passed away, aged 58, following a battle with cancer.

Tributes from friends and fellow comedians, Jimmy Carr, John Richardson, Bill Bailey, Ricky Gervais, and many more flooded in, with Eddie Izzard saying his legacy would “live on forever”.

Susie Dent, who worked with Lock on ‘8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown’, said she doesn’t have the words to describe the comedian after his death.

She wrote on Twitter: “I wish I had the words to describe the exceptional man that was Sean Lock. But today I don’t, and I think he might have liked it that way.”

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