None of Donald Trump's staff are having a particularly great week, but spare a thought for Sean Spicer.

The President's Press Secretary is now a garden gnome.

After Trump fired FBI director James Comey, the media were keen for answers. Chiefly from Sean Spicer, the mouthpiece of the White House.

Unfortunately, they couldn't get any answers for a short while, because Mr Spicer was concealed by some bushes in the grounds of the White House.

The internet has had quite a lot to say about that bit of tactical planning.

But now they've taken it one step further.

Lisa Kadonaga, our new patron saint of arts and crafts, has made a giant cardboard cut out of a blown-up photo of Spicer into a lawn ornament.

These cut outs can be placed in and on bushes for the desired affect.

The rest is history.

And now, you can have your own topiary press conference with a shy Spicer.

Please remember though, a Spicer in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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