Democratic senator Mark Warner has gone viral for all the wrong reasons after showing his followers on Instagram how to make a tuna melt sandwich.

The 65-year-old, who serves as a senator for Virginia explained on his account that his daughters will no longer eat the sandwich and that his staff have tried to stop him from sharing his unique recipe.

However, you can't keep a good man down and with his best intentions, he showed his many followers just how to make his delicacy and might have soon regretted delivering this public service.

We'll first show you the video so you can make your own judgement then we'll do a stage-by-stage breakdown of this abomination.

Firstly there isn't really anything wrong with his bread of choice but he is a bit overzealous with the amount of mayonnaise that he has applied to both slices.

The bread is practically drowning in the stuff.

Picture:Picture: Mark Warner/ Instagram

Next up is the tuna, which is obviously a key ingredient for a tuna melt but we are already suspicious of how many of these sandwiches he has actually made as he opts to not drain the brine from the tuna can, which is pretty gross and presumably not great for the digestive system.

Then comes the cheese, which isn't a slice of top quality cheddar but the kind of processed cheese which is probably a few chromosomes away from plastic that you find in McDonald's burgers.

Just when you thought that this couldn't get any worse Warner then bungs the whole thing in a microwave to HEAT IT UP. Surely he should be frying this or putting it under a grill?!

After 20 seconds of handwashing, which is very important, Warner whips it out of the microwave and proceeds to eat what looks to us to be a warm soggy mess of a creation.

No wonder his family won't eat it anymore.

That being said, the graphics are an inspired choice.

Still, this writer would be lying if he claimed to have not eaten anything worse than this, and Warner did end the video on a positive note telling his viewers that they will all get through the pandemic.

We will get through this Virginia. We will get through this America. When we go back to basics.

Warner's culinary delights have seen him inexplicably become an internet star with people unsure if they should be horrified or enthralled with his tuna melt.

No word on if anyone has actually tried this but we're already concerned enough about Covid-19 without having to worry about food poisoning too.

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