Viral Snapchat video shows stark difference between aftermath of conflict in Israel and Palestine

The consequences of the conflict of the latest Israel-Palestine conflict are dramatically different for each side, thanks - in part - to Israel’s Iron Dome defence system.

Israel has carried out hundreds of the airstrikes against what it claims are militant targets in Gaza since fighting between the two sides broke out earlier this month.

At least 219 Palestinians have been killed in airstrikes since conflict with Israel broke out on 10 May, including 63 children and 36 women, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. Some 1,530 people have been wounded.

Hamas and other militants have fired more than 3,700 rockets at Israel, killing 12 people in Israel, including a five-year-old boy and a soldier.

On Tuesday, a Snapchat video posted on Reddit depicts the stark differences between life for people in Israel versus Palestine.

Redditor u/xamza1608 posted a screen-share recording of Snapchat’s Snap Map to the thread r/PublicFreakout.

Within the video, you can see a zoom-in on the map of Tel Aviv, Israel, showing sunny beaches, late-night car rides with music, delicious foods at restaurants, and lovely rooftop scenery.

But when he moves the screen over to the Gaza Strip, it’s a completely different story.

Photo courtesy of u/xamza1608/Reddit

Photo courtesy of u/xamza1608/Reddit

Clouded skies could be seen, a bunch of destruction and rubble on the ground from attacks, adding to the desolate and grim scene.

Photo courtesy of u/xamza1608/Reddit

Photo courtesy of u/xamza1608/Reddit

Check out the full Snapchat video below.

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