Social media manager voted the most popular 'lazy girl job' of 2023

Social media manager voted the most popular 'lazy girl job' of 2023
Stretching Your Dollar: The 'Lazy Girl Job' Trend Explained
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Most people strive for a healthy work-life balance, and it's becoming more evident across TikTok with searches soaring for Lazy Girl Jobs.

The hashtag has racked up over 36.8 million views, with intrigue into which industries are generalised as more relaxed.

A study by social agency, System delved into the top 10 lazy girl roles. Social-media-related positions took the top spots, sparking a debate about whether the industry is simply working smarter or cutting corners.

Keith Foggan, founder of the agency, weighed in on the results.

"Social media roles can be a great fit for people who enjoy a dynamic and varied work environment - the roles also lend themselves to hybrid or remote working models which offer an ideal work-life balance. However, to succeed in this competitive industry, hard work is essential," he said.


Keith noted that any skilled social media professional "knows the importance of creating engaging content that resonates with a specific audience."

He continued: "This isn’t an indicator of laziness, but a sign of efficiency and initiative."

While the results suggest that social media management is the ultimate "lazy girl job," there's more to it than meets the eye.

The #lazygirljob trend is more suited to people who are looking for a career that offers flexibility and work-life balance, rather than those who are simply lazy or afraid of hard work.

The role is fast-paced and requires creative thinking and the motivation to stay up-to-date in a rapidly changing industry. Job seekers should certainly look beyond the catchy hashtag and consider the real demands of the roles before applying.

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