Remember a few weeks ago when Donald Trump mentioned that his administration was working on the sixth branch of the US military; the 'Space Force'.

Haha! That was funny, wasn't it? You've gotta give it to Trump sometimes, he really knows how to do satire.

Wait... what? He was serious??? Oh, my...

Yes, as unbelievable as it may sound, the Trump administration is actually going ahead with plans to create the United States Space Force.

It was confirmed by Vice President Mike Pence in a speech on Thursday that they plan to have the sixth branch of the US military in place by 2020.

Good grief. We're starting to believe that Star Wars might be some sort of prophetic documentary set after the fall of the sixth incarnation of the Trump administration on moons of Jupiter.

I'm not sure about you but this could possibly the strangest and stupidest period in history to be alive. Like, why do they even need to go into space? Haven't we got enough problems down here?

Like, we're actually struggling to think of anything articulate to write about this. It's almost beyond farcical. Even great comedy writers like Chris Morris and Armando Iannuucci would struggle to come up with this.

A quick scout around Twitter reveals that everyone pretty much feels the same.

This is actually a real thing that is happening. It's not a joke.


Who can join the 'Space Force'?

People haven't even seen it yet and are already writing off the sequels as flops.

Even Luke Skywalker, a man who was made famous by space, can't quite believe it.

There is also a logo that Trump's team is asking people to vote for.

This is it, folks. We've jumped the shark.

In five years time, we'll be mining for an alien mineral in an off-world colony.

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