Boris Johnson's dad Stanley ignores his son's warnings and jets off to luxury Greek villa

Despite being the architect of lockdown, a lot of Boris Johnson’s inner circle have seemed to play fast and loose with official advice.

Dominic Cummings, for example, taking a still unexplained trip to Durham while infected with all the symptoms of coronavirus, at the height of lockdown.

Johnson’s father, Stanley, has also proudly flouted the rules set by his son since the beginning of the pandemic.

First he declared he would still be going to the pub… the morning after his son asked the UK public to stay away.

Then he broke the rules for a second time, by heading off to his second home in Somerset during lockdown.

Now Stanley has once more decide he is exempt from advice followed by the wider public and has nipped off for a holiday break at another of his luxury retreats, this time in Greece.

Greece, of course, is not in the UK and involves travelling via plane and airports to get there aka disease vectors.

This goes directly against advice given out by the Foreign Office right now, which currently advises Brits against “all but essential international travel”.

As someone pointed out, being able to travel to your “mountain-top villa” in the midst of a pandemic that’s going to leave millions of households economically worse for wear, is hugely privileged.

Social media users began sharing stories of their loved ones who were prohibited from popping over to Greece like Johnson.

Others expressed their “surprise” at Johnson heading off just as his favourite British institutions reopened.

It was also noted Johnson travelled through two countries to get there.

Looks like once again, those closest to Boris accidentally received a different Covid-19 memo.

Maybe they could share it with us too?

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