In an era where fake news is informing our elections, it's important to have someone on board to separate fact from fiction.

Luckily, we have Stephen Fry around to help with his truth serum videos, in which politicians fact check themselves.

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In his latest, “Boris & Corbyn Fact-check Themselves on Brexit, Election”, Fry debunks some of the common myths that both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have been peddling either intentionally or unintentionally during this election race.

The video sees some top misunderstandings debunked covering everything from the amount of money migrants contribute to the NHS, to the amount of police officers that will actually be added to the force.

Investment in the NHS is below average

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Boris Johnson claimed that his party has made the biggest investments in the NHS for a generation, but many know this to be untrue – here, it's proven to be *less* than the average increase.

European immigrants pay for more hospital places than they use


It's a common misconception that European migrants put a strain on the NHS, but actually, according to Fry, they contribute £78,000 more each than they use. They have a net positive contribution of £26 billion.

Promised new numbers of police officers won't even reverse Tory cuts


A big thing for Johnson has been adding more police officers, nurses, and hospitals. However, it turns out that his promises to add 20,000 police officers won't even reverse the cuts that his own party have made to the force.

By the time they're set to return in 2025 to pre-crash levels, real wages will have been in decline for 17 years


While the majority of this video focuses on Johnson, Fry does fact check Corbyn too, who once claimed that we are experiencing the biggest slump in wages since steam trains were built.

We already control 99% of public spending


A big theme with Johnson's Brexit is the idea of control – that we need to seize back control of our spending and laws from the EU. However, we already control 99% of our public spending.

Watch the full video:

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