With politics feeling increasingly turbulent, Stephen Fry has come to the rescue with another myth-busting video which reveals the facts behind Boris Johnson and Donald Trump's economic policies.

Fry has become known for his fact-check videos, which challenge common misconceptions with factual evidence.

Remember when "alternative facts" weren't a match for real ones? Those were the days...

Kicking off the video, Fry asks:

Why are Trump and Boris so happy to cause a recession? The truth is hidden by a trick that quietly transfers your money to the super rich.

He then reveals that the highest paid CEOs are consistently the worst performers.

And the most overpaid CEOs perform even worse.

Studies have shown that CEOs actually don’t have a huge influence on the success of a company.

CEOs often take credit for other people’s work. Just like how Trump took credit for Tony Schwartz’s work when he “co-wrote” The Art of the Deal with the president.

Trump has also done this with Obama’s economic record since becoming president.

Despite their very different approaches, economic growth has risen in a straight line and Obama actually created more jobs, so Trump hasn't dramatically improved the US economy.

The only thing to disproportionately rise during his presidency is “unhealthy air days” in US cities.

Fry says that Boris Johnson, like Trump, wants to reduce taxes and responsibilities among the wealthy.

He accuses Johnson of using a hard Brexit as a way to slash taxes and shift wealth to the 1 per cent.

Fry then busts the myth that tax cuts lead to job growth, describing how CEOs who are given big tax breaks are more likely to cut jobs and keep the money for themselves, rather than pass these benefits to workers. Even when studies show that when workers are given a pay rise, they work harder and productivity goes up.

Watch the full video:

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