MP Stephen Kinnock's bizarre appearance on PMQs is raising a lot of questions

MP Stephen Kinnock's bizarre appearance on PMQs is raising a lot of questions

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock hasn’t had the smoothest lockdown thus far.

He’s already fallen afoul of the police, after seemingly breaking lockdown rules regarding ‘essential visits’ to deliver birthday gifts to his dad, former Labour leader Neil Kinnock.

And now his appearance on the first virtual Prime Minister’s Questions has prompted widespread derision.

Parliament returned from Easter recess today, offering MPs the first opportunity since the beginning of lockdown to ask the government direct questions about the handling of the Covid-19 crisis.

While some MPs, like newly minted Labour leader Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson’s stand-in Dominic Raab, were physically present, over 120 more appeared via video link from their homes, in adherence with social distancing rules.

Kinnock was one of those streaming from home and while no one expected him to turn up in sweatpants, watchers were somewhat surprised to see just how far he took it.

The MP’s full suit was standard, especially given Speaker Lindsay Hoyle previously revealed attendees would be subject to the same dress code virtually as they would if physically present in the House of Commons.

But Kinnock’s decision to stand up when he asked a question raised some eyebrows, given he was a) in his own living room and b) only being filmed from the shoulders up.

Ditto did his choice to wear formal shoes and film himself from a bizarre sideways angle.

Questions were raised on social media.

Some said they were “baffled”.

Others had rather choice words for the MP.

His cinematography was 'praised'.

Others found earlier predictions about MPs sartorial choices becoming very prescient.

Kinnock himself seemed rather proud of his ensemble.

We’ll stick to leggings and a big t-shirt thanks...

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