Subway launches unique sandwich in effort to tackle inflation

Subway launches unique sandwich in effort to tackle inflation
Subway offering free sandwiches for life if you change your name
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With the tough economic climate hitting people hard, fast food chain Subway has launched its first 3-inch sandwich to tackle inflation.

The international brand is known globally for its 6-inch or footlong (12-inch) sandwiches, but in Pakistan, the chain has taken a new approach by offering a bite-sized alternative.

Pakistan is a country that is massively feeling the effects of inflation, experiencing the fastest rate rise in Asia, and it's there that customers can buy a 3-inch sub.

It is the first time the fast-food chain has offered a mini version globally and according to a spokesperson for Subway, it provides “value” to its customers.

The news of Subway’s offering spread on social media, where some people were in disbelief that it was actually real.

Someone explained: “Pakistan is suffering from high Inflation (highest in Asia). To tackle that, Subway had to launch - a 3-inch sandwich to provide value and affordability to Pakistani people.

“By the way, Subway’s usual offerings are 6-inch and 12-inch sandwiches.”

Someone else replied, asking: “Is this for real?”

Subway’s innovative solution comes as many restaurants and outlets have been forced to raise prices or reduce quantity in order to combat the reduced purchasing power of Pakistani citizens, as food prices are up 38.5 per cent on last year.

Ankur Shukla, a South Asia expert at Bloomberg Economics, explained that the trend looks set to continue, writing: “Price gains are set to pick up again as a weaker rupee drives up import costs and the government increases prices for fuel and utilities to meet the International Monetary Fund’s aid terms.”

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