Trump just liked a random tweet about singer Summer Walker and no one can figure out why

Donald Trump isn’t known for being au fait with contemporary music.

Especially artists who have primarily found a platform via the digital world, rather than traditional radio play.

Which is why everyone is absolutely baffled about his latest Twitter hijinks.

Namely that currently the only tweet ‘liked’ by the president of the United States is about an R&B singer’s new EP.

indy100 checked and it’s true; a tweet about musician Summer Walker’s brand new release is the only post to have the official Trump seal of approval at the time of writing.

The tweet in question is about EP Life on Earth, which dropped last night.

Speaking about two tracks, a fan writes:

Summer Walker getting us in our feelings in Let It Go, just to bring the stripper back in SWV instantly.

Apparently Trump agreed with this review because he smashed the like button.

Problem is no one can work out how Donald Trump knows who Summer Walker is, how he saw the tweet or why he’s vibing to alternating between “getting in [his] feelings” and “stripper” mode (because it’s fun, that’s why!).

They’re definitely enjoying the image though.

Hey, everyone needs to chill sometimes.

Honestly, at this point in 2020, it’s the least confusing thing to have happened in months.

No one can decide which potential explanation is more bizarre: Trump being hacked or the president actually vibing to ‘White Tee’.

Given the amount of musicians who’ve asked Trump to desist from playing his music, maybe he won’t be opening his rallies with ‘Playing Games’ just yet.

Apt though…

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