This man has become an instant hero after taking a nap in the middle of the Super Bowl

The biggest sporting event of the year, a huge entertainment bonanza, 100,000 screaming fans and bright lights and camera flashes all over the place may not seem like the most likely context to take a nap, especially when you consider that tickets to the Super Bowl cost on average between $4,000 and $5,000.

Yet one man apparently felt a bit sleepy and decided to just take a moment for a little rest because why not.

A video of the now-infamous nap was posted to Twitter and went viral for its absurdity. Even more hilariously, our sleeping beauty proceeded to wake up, and see the video – in full view of the OP. It literally cannot get more meta.

People had lots of thoughts. Namely that there may have been some intoxication involved...

People who are not into football could relate.

Some had other theories.

We still have so many unanswered questions, who could not be impressed by this guy's falling-asleep skills? Quite something.

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