27 of the best reactions to the Supreme Court's ruling on Trump's financial records

27 of the best reactions to the Supreme Court's ruling on Trump's financial records

Often during the Trump presidency we've been forced to imagine a universe in which Obama, or any other president, behaved in a similar way.

And this is exactly how a lot of people are feeling afterthe Supreme Court ruled that New York prosecutors can indeed force him to release his financial records, which he's somehow managed to keep secret.

It's part of a long-running bid to get hold of Trump's tax returns. Typically all presidential candidates would release them for public scrutiny – Trump is the first president since Richard Nixon to not do so.

However, the Supreme Court didn't authorise Congress to have automatic access to the records, and pushed the case back down to lower courts, making it unlikely that his financial records would see the light of day before the November election.

What's Trump saying about it?

While the rulings could have gone a lot worse for the president, it seems he's still furious, and fired off a series of tweets expressing his anger, referring to the case as a "political prosecution" and a "witch hunt". He added the very presidential sounding comment of "not fair!

What are other people saying?

Of course Trump has a lot of defenders, as we know by now there's nothing his most loyal supporters won't excuse or rationalise.

But lots and lots of people are mocking Trump for this latest setback. Could the chickens finally be coming home to roost?

There was a fair bit of gloating at this ruling...

Lots of people think that the fact Trump doesn't want the tax returns released is very telling...

Others rubbished the idea that most Americans "don't care" about Trump's tax returns.

Hillary Clinton wasn't so happy about the ruling, however...

And others agreed...

So it's clear that this matter is far from over. And even if Trump's tax returns are released, his supporters likely won't care about whatever is in there.

Still, he seems very, very keen to keep it hidden. So whatever it is, it's probably not good for him.

The saga continues...

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